About Generation Bio

Generation Bio is creating a revolutionary new class of genetic medicines that deliver durable, high levels of gene expression and have drug-like properties, including titration to effect and the ability to re-dose. Our unique GeneWave technology allows us to overcome the limitations of existing and emerging approaches by delivering larger genes, including more sophisticated regulatory elements, and avoiding the immunogenicity which limits both the number of patients who can be treated and the ability to re-dose them over time.

Our vision is to make our therapies available at or near birth in order to maximize their lifetime impact, allowing people to live full lives unaffected by genetic disease. Patients would be diagnosed at birth, and would receive GeneWave therapy titrated as needed to achieve clinically relevant effects. GeneWave would be re-dosed throughout childhood to account for liver development, and would then be available for re-dosing throughout adulthood, if and when needed, to sustain effect.

We are a community of creative problem-solvers and independent thinkers. We are guided by strong personal integrity, humility, and energized by the collaborative, learning mindset required to create solutions for patients and their families.

Generation Bio was founded and launched by Atlas Venture, and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For more information, please visit www.generationbio.com or follow @lifetimegenetx.

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